The concept of legal injury has always been expanding. New types of industries are coming into play and the risks faced by people, at the workplace or in their normal course of life, are diversifying. Personal injuries can happen at any time due to many reasons. Just like how medical care is given by professionals, victims should seek a MA PERSONAL INJURY lawyer for looking into legal options. The experienced lawyers or law firms will help in claiming compensation for the losses faced by the victim. These injuries generally include injuries due to medical negligence, vehicular, and workplace accidents. Appropriate compensation must be received by the victim to secure justice and the same is ensured by the best attorneys.

How will a personal injury lawyer help?

A philadelphia personal injury lawyer will provide legal help. A person who has been inflicted with a personal injury goes through distress. If, after the incident, the victim fails to apply to the insurance company or for compensation, they might receive lesser compensation than deserved. The best lawyers will comfort the victim after the accident and at the same time provide them with all the legal help. They will file a case with the appropriate authority to claim compensation, talk to the insurance company and gather witnesses. The clients are informed about each step and the case is built strongly. The clients are also consulted and their input is valued. Information from clients regarding the incident, witnesses, cause of the accident, etc proves to be valuable to the case. All the legal work, from start to the end will be handled by the law firm or lawyer so hired.

What is a personal injury?

Personal injuries cover injuries faced by people at their workplace, due to medical negligence, vehicular accidents, etc. It covers a wide area and with the help of a personal injury attorney pittsburgh, appropriate compensation can be claimed and people or entities responsible for the act are held liable. Personal injuries usually cover the following:

  • Medical negligence by professionals which results in loss of body parts, surgical errors, failure to diagnose, medication error, etc. It also includes error at the time of delivery. The nursing staff, along with the medical professionals, are held liable.
  • Motor vehicle accidents and includes bike and car accidents. It also includes bicycle accidents, truck accidents, and accidents caused by uninsured drivers.
  • Accidents that happen at the workplace. It includes construction-related accidents, exposure to chemicals, workers’ compensation, etc. Accidents at the workplace cover a wide ambit of personal injuries. The compensation does not only include the medical expenses but also the remuneration that would have been received if the victim had been working
  • Certain other injuries such as dog bites, premises liability, product liability, slip, and fall accidents, etc. are also included.

What should be done after sustaining personal injuries?

The time right after sustaining injuries could be traumatic. The victim might not think clearly but the first thing that should be done is to seek medical attention. As soon as the victim feels well, they should contact a law firm. Other than contacting the firm, the following has to be kept in mind:

  • Preserve evidence regarding the injury. This includes medical bills, diagnosis, medication, etc. The victim should ask for a copy from the nursing staff and keep the same with themselves. It will prove to be useful in the court and will make a strong case.
  • Do not accept any money in the name of the settlement from the insurance company. Always contact an attorney first before making a settlement.
  • Do not take money from the person who caused the injury. Also, the victim should not admit fault for the accident as this could defeat the case.
  • Do not throw away important documents. Secure the documents such as medical expenses, diagnosis, etc. or other documents that could confirm the injury.

Does every injury lead to compensation?


Since personal injuries can be of different types, it is important to know which ones will lead to compensation. Not all injuries will lead to compensation and similarly, not all insurance companies provide compensation for every injury that has been inflicted. The main factor that decides whether an injury can lead to compensation or not, is its severity. If the injury is severe or if the accident leads to death, compensation can be claimed while if it is a minor injury, no case can be filed. The MA PERSONAL INJURY attorney can be consulted to determine the extent of the injury. Following are some of the injuries that are usually compensated:

  • Injuries that lead to herniated discs. Injury to the backbone could be very serious as it could lead to loss of mobility.
  • Fractures also come within the ambit of personal injuries. They take months to recover and are considered severe.
  • Brain injuries that lead to trauma or loss of bodily functions. The brain is a complex organ and damage to it could be fatal.
  • Scarring is permanent and comes within personal injuries. Only deep cuts lead to scarring. Disfigurement of parts of the body is also a severe case.
  • Death of an individual in an accident.

Thus, it becomes crucial to contact a philadelphia personal injury lawyer after a person has sustained a severe personal injury. The victims or their families do not have to run from court to court to claim what they deserve. The lawyers ensure that the family and the victim are compensated appropriately for their loss. They do not only handle the legal work but also stay in constant communication with their clients. Providing a wholesome experience to the clients, the lawyers ensure that they perform their duty of protecting every individual’s rights.

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